Sustainability Performance

Sustainability Performance

Asia Biomass Public Company Limited

is a subsidiary firm in KOK Huad Group who selling and delivery biomass fuel, for example, woodchip, saw dust, husk and palm shell for manufacturing used such as sawmill and mill more than 50 years

Now we using the name Asia BioMass for doing business in producing and selling biomass fuel in several product. By delivery in country for power fuel especially textile, paper, food,and bio power plant business groups Our firm focusing on fuel management which use policy including:

1. Emphasize product quality
2. Emphasize the best management
3. Emphasize after sell service
4. Emphasize fast delivery and on time

By our policy which respond to every customer need, now affect our business in term of increasing customer believe in delivery, buying and selling fuel, continue keeping standard to service in every part and giving advice for using fuel.