Wood Pellets

Wood Pellets are the biomass fuel innovation in the form of solid fuel making by solid –wood from farmed-trees in order to sustainable forest management practices on the Forest Stewardship Council standard: FSC providing high heat energy values as a renewable energy fuel to replace the fossil-energy which decrease carbon dioxide emission (CO 2), reduces the environmental impact and global warming in response to the sustainable development of the industrial sector and the live hood


1. Increase the efficiency of combustion in the boiler because the Wood Pellets have moisture content less than 10% by weight. Resulting, the better electricity and steam production rates per time.
2. Reduce working process and fuel storage areas, which cause costs of energy decrease for a long-term.
3. Environmental friendly around the manufactory area.


1. Calorific Value not below than 3,900 kcal/kg.
2. Ash not above than 3% by weight.
3. Moisture not above 10% by weight.
4. Chloride not above 0.5% by weight