Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

ABM Energizing a greener furture

Asia Biomass Public Company Limited is aware that the use of biomass residues from agriculture and industry. Then sells biomass (BiomassFuel) to be able to replace a fuel or fuel oil as well as to preserve the natural environment. Because biomass fuels can be identified savings in production costs and increase profits for businesses that use energy.

ABM performs its business under the good corporate governance principles and code of ethic conducts together with social and environment responsibility with concerns of all the Company’s stakeholders such as shareholders, employees, customers, community, and the society as a whole, leading to sustainable business development.
The Company’s CSR (CSR: Corporate Social Responsibility) activities can be classified as follows:

1. Education activity – Education is a crucial foundation of Thailand. Strong and stable foundation leads to development of the country. Thus, ABM focuses on education by organizing several activities to support education projects such as providing scholarship or academic facilities – computer, renovation of school building and canteen, etc.

2. Activity to support art, culture, and tradition of Thailand – Being unique identity of each country, ABM realizes the importance of art, culture, and tradition and intend to maintain Thailand’s most treasured identity with budget to support several activities such as Songkran activity, local sports, and annual local fair.

3. Professional and career support – ABM believes that the most effective help is to provide helps that encourage one’s own sustainable help. The Company’s activities to promote professional and career development are professional and career support for the disabled or OTOP support.