Awards ABM CSR-DIW Continuous Award 2022

Awards ABM CSR-DIW Continuous Award 2022

28 Aug, 2022 | Activity, Awards

Emphasizing the standards of social and community responsibility, ABM won a plaque and certificate of CSR-DIW Continuous Award 2022 from the Ministry of Industry. Demonstrates commitment to maintaining business standards with regard to sustainability, taking care of communities, society and the environment. Including encouraging employees to take care of the community and live together happily as members of the community. As well as complying with the standards of industrial entrepreneurs’ responsibility to society continuously, “Ms. Thiyada Mekphongsathorn” moves forward in the business of “palm shells, wood chips, biomass pellets” to increase sales by 30 % or have a yearly income of 2,500 million baht, ready to set a target for the year 2015, making sales surpass 6,000 million baht or an increase of 46% Ms. Thiyada Mekphongsathorn, Managing Director of Asia Biomass Public Company Limited or ABM Revealed that the company has received a plaque and certificate of CSR-DIW Continuous Award 2022 under the project to promote industrial factories with social and community responsibility for sustainable development goals (CSR-DIW) for the year 2022, with Mr. Wanchai Phanomchai, Director General of the Department of Industrial Works Ministry of Industry This year, the company received the award for 2 consecutive years, which demonstrates its determination to manage according to international standards. and reinforces the standards of social and community responsibility

“ABM is very pleased to receive the CSR-DIW standard award from the Department of Industrial Works. which is consistent with the Company’s economic activities that focuses on sustainability and solving environmental problems for industrial sectors in Thailand and Asia. by supporting the use of biomass fuel which is renewable energy obtained from agricultural residues or from industry and communities or agricultural products such as palm shells, wood chips, biomass pellets, etc., for over 70 years of operation, the company Encourage the creation of benefits for all sectors. By reducing the impact of the industry to be able to live with the community. society in a sustainable way Along with being a part of increasing income from the industry to farmers Make farmers earn more income from waste materials. This is in line with the government’s policy to encourage the industrial sector to be driven by technology. creativity and innovation,” Ms. Tiyada said.

However, in the second quarter of 2022, ABM’s profit attributable to the parent company was 8.36 million baht, an increase of 166% compared to the same period last year and an increase of 23.8% compared to the previous quarter. The increase is a result of the increasing demand for biomass fuel. As a result, the selling price of the company’s products increased in the past

For the second half of 2022, the company plans to increase sales volume every products including palm kernel shells, wood chips and biomass briquettes The annual revenue target is set at 2,500 million baht, or a 30% growth compared to the previous year. By focusing on investments to increase the efficiency of the biomass pellet plant. and entering into a wood chopping contract to increase the company’s production to grow exponentially. The Company plans to increase its capital which will allow the Company to Received money in the amount of 380 million baht during the years 2022 – 2024 to support the growing trend in the renewable energy business. This will make the debt to equity ratio of the company. decreased from about 2.3 times to only 1.15 times. However, the company is determined to implement a policy of rapid and stable growth with a target revenue in 2025 of 6,000 million baht, or an increase of more than 46% according to the regular growth rate. year or CAGR

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