Business Overview

         The company and its subsidiaries’ main business is biomass fuel trading to be used as fuel in production for industrial sectors, power plans and for some industries to be used as other uses like biomass processing plants, wood-product manufacturers and biomass fuel resellers, etc. The company and its subsidiaries procure biomass fuel from the producing sources and also from trustworthy suppliers.

         The users who use biomass fuel from the company and its subsidiaries will use it by direct combustion to get heat for their production process. They will burn it in the oven so that it generates heat in the boiler till it vapourizes. The vapour that they get will have pressure, temperature and flow rate as set by the users. This vapour will be used in production process like to turn steam turbine, to generate electricity,     to blow the air to dry cloth fiber in weaving factories, to pasterize in industry, etc. Vapour can be used in different ways.

       Biomass fuel users need to choose suitable biomass fuel to be right for their different types of usage by the technology of the incinerators and the boilers that they have. Each incinerator can be applied to different particular types of biomass fuel. The company's products are as follows

Wood pellet

Palm kernel shell

Wood chip

Wood shaving


Parawood Scraps